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Hublot watches are some of the finest timepieces in the world. Just ask some of the leading artists in the world. Rapper Jay Z collaborated with the Swiss-based luxury company in 2013. The Shawn Carter Fusion Collection consists of two new Hublot watches that were added to Hublot’s already-famous Classic Fusion Collection. The Jay-designed limited-edition watches come in a crisp black ceramic or yellow gold case. Both dials feature the Shawn Carter logo, and it’s mounted with black alligator straps. As the lyrics in his “Otis” single goes, “New watch alert. Hublots.” It comes as a surprise to no one that these Hov x Hublot watches price high—$17,900 for the black and $33,900 for the yellow gold.

Hublot watches are much admired by some of the world’s leading trend makers. NBA players Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade have both donned this wristwear as Hublot’s brand ambassadors. The all-star basketball players have lended their names to the luxury Hublot watches. Bryant’s watch was called the King Power Black Mamba after his NBA nickname. It featured the L.A. Lakers signature purple and gold colours. Wade collaborated on the design of the Hublot King Power “D-Wade.” Its straps resemble the pattern of a basketball net, while hints of the Miami Heat colours come through.

Of course, any Hublot watch with a famous name attached to it is going to retail very high. However, Hublot prices can be slightly more forgiving among the standard chronographs in the Classic Fusion line. But just slightly. The Classic Fusion Titanium is a timeless chronograph that takes elements from Hublot’s first-ever watches designed back in the 1980s. It’s got a polished and satin-finished titanium case, a matte black dial and a sapphire crystal that deflects glares. It’s perfectly complemented with black alligator straps for a look that won’t go out of style. Find one of these Hublot watches for sale at your local certified luxury watch dealer.

Other Hublot watches in that line come with big bling factor, such as the Skull Titanium Full Pavé. It’s as loud as its name. The 18K white gold dial is set with 824 white and black diamonds in the shape of a skull. The self-winding movement has bridges that resemble skeletal bones. Each timepiece carries a total of 1,168 diamonds that have been painstakingly set by precision watchmakers. It might take a lot of luck to find one of these dazzling Hublot watches for sale.

No matter the watch or the wearer, Hublot watches complement without competing with the rest of your fashion wardrobe. If you want to wrap your wrists with one of these elegant timepieces, many certified luxury watch distributors have Hublot watches for sale or at best offer.

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